Starting a New Business

Have you ever wondered why everyone seems so excited about starting a new business or why people seem to have capital so readily available? Whatever it is about starting a brand new business or why entrepreneurs are having difficulty obtaining capital, this question is the same.

Famished dollar values for start-up capital are quoted in the billions, but the reality of starting a new business is that it is unlikely that you will have the up-front money or financing behind the idea in such great numbers. However, these facts meager the reasons for giving up your dream progression, and are the most crucial thing you must learn to accept before you understand the realities of starting a new business.

Resourcefulness can be the most necessary quality. Successful people are usually not the most talented ones. The end result of all of the big successes in the United States has been that many highly talented individuals have been put out of work or slammed out of a business career.

While determined to achieve their success, entrepreneurs need to acknowledge that the only way you can succeed has to be your way. Just as someone that has a great basketball name like Magic Johnson was once a high school hoops coach, if trying to make money as a professional basketball player and try to start a business is not your passion, you more than likely are not going to make it.

The top business owners all invest hundreds of thousands, even a million dollars, and then they decide. Successful business owners plan significantly more than they open day. The reality of success is that you have to strategize how to make it work, not how to get it. It truly is like watching a chess match – many view it as a simple game, which it actually is, if you do not fully participate. However, this is something you need as you are in the process of trying to achieve your success.

There is another lesson to be learned from great business leaders, and that is their particular motivation and impetus to achieve success in business. Successful business owners all share the same dream (or desire) and work hard at as a means of achieving their goal and dream. Even if an entrepreneur is not faced with a big opportunity to make money, the desire to be successful is the drive that causes you to work extra hard and persevere no matter what obstacles come your way.

While it is a desirable trait to seek a business opportunity and not allow yourself to stop until you achieve success, the reality is that success can be quite short-lived – so be sure to have it in your mind that you are not going to get discouraged.

Achieving success and running a successful business requires a plan. If you want that type of success, you need to make organized the sideline EXTRA effort and tentatively look for other opportunities that will advance your business to greater heights. Be sure to look with all your senses in mind and Plan accordingly.

And most importantly, do not see entrepreneurship as a “Business” it is a goal. If you live it, it will orient to you. If you do not live it, you will not be in the position to look back on a meaningful life after it.

How to Get Started in Marketing

I’ve had a passion for writing since I was a child. As a teen, I worked in the local copy shop for my family and wrote for them. In the early ’80s, I was first introduced to the freelance writing scene as a member of SCORE (the organization that leads to the formation of the skilled certifications industry). I was flooded with offers to write for their member’s catalog magazines. At that time it wasn’t a bit unusual for someone to be able to work freelance on a member’s catalog. Back then there wasn’t a huge movement to hire outside writers. It was a pretty traditional industry.

Then as we implemented things more and more in our business, I realized that the person writing quality products was working independently. The company putting together the products did not have to be an individual, so that meant fewer companies and therefore fewer positions available. This other camp of writers worked for companies and had a boss. In this model there just weren’t enough independent freelancers to spread the load. I sometimes call this off-line work “Helping people get their business off the ground”. This is the concept that every business needs people that have experience and skills and ‘get it’ and have the intelligence to back it up.

It didn’t take long to decide that if I just didn’t want to work for anyone else I needed to find a way to connect to these people. I believe in an independent freelance community. It’s too easy to do things online and miss those opportunities in person. On several occasions, I’ve met a celebrity or part-time writer through cold calling (I’m a writer by birth, not a business- upheaval). I quickly learned that I needed to create a company that only hired people who only wanted to work for them and only as freelancers.

These companies are unfortunately raising the stakes going forward. Fast companies have been writing their case studies about what they’ve done to train freelancers. I’m very excited about this because once independent business owners get up and running, it will be difficult for them ever to include a professional.

That being said, I want them to succeed because they both have great potential to re-create their professions. It’s so unfortunate that they are only competing with others who have no skills in writing. And I anxiously await the next piece of data from SCORE. They are already seeing big growth in membership.

I think the biggest problem will be marketing. It will be a whopping impossible for them to get extreme growth by using someone else to market to the freelance writers market. In order to get started, you will have to find work. The better you’re able to offer, the more successful you are. Start by getting yourself in the right mindset. There are many ways to do this. Invest in yourself by taking a curriculum in writing and expanding your knowledge of business, List building techniques, and even going online and learning some basics about marketing and business. You’ll also want to make marketing your business a priority in your business’s life. One consistent barometer for success is that you need to be an expert in marketing your product or service. If you don’t know how to do this, you oftentimes are a pretender.

I’m looking forward to seeing how successful this year is for independent freelancers. I’m really looking forward to developing them. In the meantime, I’ll head out to my local, recently opened, place and do my business, learn what I can, and not try to make any money at it. I also plan on visiting 1,500 businesses in the next month and interviewing different business owners. Trust me, I’m going to find some way to meet lots of people and get my deck lives. But even if I don’t, I’ll be successful because I’m going to be in the right mindset. Here’s the link to find out more: