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5 Tips for Choosing Your Startup Email Provider

Emails play an important part in any modern business, so you must choose an email provider that suits your business. The right email provider can streamline your business processes, improve productivity and help you save valuable time.

Here are five things you need to take into consideration before choosing a company that provides email services:

Choose a provider that is reliable and delivers excellent support.

Email is an integral part of any business’s infrastructure. It’s at the center of customer communication, vendor communication, and internal communication. Choosing a startup email provider isn’t something to rush into. In most cases, it’s an investment that will make such a big impact on business operations that the business should take its time before committing. The right provider can boost company productivity, improve response time, and deliver a positive ROI.

Use business email addresses for your startup, so that people recognize you.

When starting your new business, you likely want to draft up a business plan and list out all of the wonderful things your business will offer to potential customers. But one thing you may have overlooked in your plan is the email address for your startup. Not using a personal email address for your startup could compromise your business and brand and can also make it harder for people to find your startup online.

Choose a provider that allows you unlimited email storage and forwarding.

Some email providers like Gmail and Yahoo automatically limit your storage capacity. Not having the right storage can lead to unexpected downtime, especially if the server goes down, which takes a lot of time to correct. And it’s not just storage limits that can put your email at risk; unlimited email storage keeps your email safe from hackers or malicious insiders since having emails that are easy to reach and index are attractive targets for bots and spammers.

Choose a provider that’s secure and easy to use.

The stage is set. It’s gone time. You just launched your new startup, but now that all the hard work is over, you need to figure out one more important factor: the email service you’re using. Part of your marketing strategy is to get the word out to the startup community that you’re open for business, so it’s essential to choose an email service that’s easy to use so your startup can finally start growing revenue. Not to mention, your communications should be extremely secure as well, otherwise, you might risk a data breach. There’s no shortage of options to choose from when you have a new startup, so it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Instead of diving into every option, start by selecting the provider (Sekur, for instance) that’s the best fit for your brand’s needs.

Choose a provider that provides a Web interface for managing email addresses.

If you want to run your email in the cloud, you have two options to consider: IMAP or POP. POP is the most common of the two. What do users and industry experts recommend? POP works like a middleman between your email provider and your email account. Your provider will keep track of the emails you send, edit them for you if necessary, and then send them to your email account. The POP account isn’t technically on the cloud; however-on your computer, it’s the one account all your email is stored on your local computer.

Choosing the right startup email provider for your business can be difficult. Emails are:

  • The backbone of your business.
  • Communication between your employees and clients.
  • Interaction with other vendors and partners.

The right email provider can save you time and money and make your emails look professional.

You’ve got a great concept, you’ve crafted copy that perfectly expresses your product or service, and you’ve designed a website your customers will love. Now it’s time to get your email marketing set up. But which email provider should you partner with?

It’s important to make sure your email provider is reliable and can provide the features you need. For example, if you create a separate account for personal or business emails, make sure your email provider can allow multiple logins.

Choosing an email provider for your business has never been easier. There are dozens of email services to choose from, and much of the complication comes from assessing your specific needs. If you need email for your business, assess properly before choosing an email provider.

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